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Give children and adolescents the gift of a good night's sleep

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Mindell, J. A., Owens, J., Alves, R., Bruni, O., Goh, D. Y., Hiscock, H., . . . Sadeh, A. (2011). Give children and adolescents the gift of a good night's sleep: A call to action. Sleep Medicine, 12(3), 203-4. 

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Chronic sleep loss is endemic to children and adolescents throughout the world. Studies indicate that children and adolescents are not getting the sleep they need. Additionally, research indicates that sleep disturbances are highly prevalent, with studies indicating that 10–75% of parents of young children report that their child has a sleep problem, 10% of adolescents experience insomnia, and 1–3% have diagnosable obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep disturbances are also culturally-specific, with sleep practices and parenting definitions of sleep problems varying widely.


MeSH Terms
    Child Welfare*
    Health Promotion*
    Sleep Deprivation/physiopathology*
    Sleep Deprivation/psychology*


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